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Programmatic media buying is the purchase, placement and optimization of ads performed by software, rather than people. It allows you to purchase online job ads in real-time, based on preset rules and targeted on a pay-per-click basis. In order for programmatic to work, you need experts who can manage the buys, oversee your spend, make the right decisions and understand the results. Welcome to NAS MediaPro.

NAS MediaPro set bids and budgets for your jobs and deliver rich analytics on your job’s performance. Through targeted bidding, your jobs will find the right candidates – giving you more ROI, insight into the performance of your job postings and intelligence for future strategy. We’ll drive traffic to hard-to-fill positions that need more applicants and automatically un-sponsor jobs that already have enough responses. We offer:

  • Real-time bidding capabilities to reduce lowest cost-per-click
  • Ability to optimize your price per click, apply or candidate by key metrics
  • Better budgeting: spending can stop when your target or budget is reached
  • Greater efficiency by eliminating the need for individual vendor contracts (i.e. Indeed, ZipRecruiter)
  • Flexibility: jobs can be sponsored/added/switched immediately
  • In-depth analytics and downloadable performance reports that show total clicks,total applies, cost per click/apply, budget vs. spend, activity by publisher, day and state or origin, and more  

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